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Frequently Asked Questions
Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

The initial consultation consists of finding out about your health history, fact finding, goal assessment and answering any questions or concerns you may have. No exercises are performed on the first visit.

We contact your doctor via fax or phone and request a Medical Clearance Form to be signed informing us of any restrictions, if any at all. We do this for every client over 55 years old (men) and over 65 years old (women). No clearance is needed for a younger client unless there is a health issue that needs to be addressed.

Yes. We are insured, and we are all certified personal trainers. We are also certified in CPR and First Aid.

First of all, we are not only certified personal trainers, but we are also licensed and degreed Physical Therapist Assistants. Our physical therapy and health care background sets us apart; this helps us tremendously in dealing with not only the older population who are sometimes dealing with a multitude of health issues, but also the baby boomers that are starting to have orthopedic concerns. We are also excellent communicators whether it involves a doctor, family member (sometimes out of state), caregivers and care management coordinators, depending on what is appropriate.

No. You decide how many visits a week or month and for how long in duration you'd like (forty-five minutes or one hour). No time frame is set; you decide when you would like to stop.

No. We are strictly a private pay based business. Some clients pay us for our services and then are reimbursed through their long-term insurance carrier.

We have a wide variety of equipment including balls, bands, tubes, weights, balance boards, step, noodles (pool exercises) and other functional devices.

We bill for each forty-five minute or one hour session. We typically invoice monthly, but it can be done however you'd prefer.

Yes! We do specialize in older adults, but we also train younger people whether they are sedentary or for sport specific training.

Yes we do! We are usually in the water with the client, and we assist client in/out of pool, if necessary. We offer aquatic exercise programs for all fitness levels.